Chapelton/Balloch Farm Development

Chapelton Development

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This is the Balloch Community Council (BCC) response to the Community Consultation on the proposed development of Balloch Farm (Chapelton) held at the Balloch Village Hall on 4 April 2019.

We regret the loss of agricultural land that will occur if this development proceeds however we understand the competing needs on the land for housing. Many recent developments around Inverness have only paid 'lip service' to the wishes of the local communities, but these have been developments by large private companies driven for profit. This seems to be an opportunity for the Highland Council to produce an exemplary development, incorporating the latest energy efficient measures, a mix of housing and increasing the biodiversity. We welcome the contribution of land to the Community and look forward to exploring ways with Highland Council as to how this can be managed. More specifically:

 1. The design code should require:

Limited height of buildings to remain in keeping with the existing properties.

All the latest energy efficient measures. 

Gardens of sufficient size to promote biodiversity.

Wildlife features including swift bricks, bat boxes hedgehog runs. Link to best practice -

2. Over several years the BCC have received enquiries from residents about establishing allotments but no suitable land was available. This is an opportunity to address this lack of amenity. Some of the enquiries came from residents of Culloden who do not have their own gardens. As the new development will have flats it is also an opportunity for the occupants to have a bit of green space to grow (legally) what they like. We are happy to work with our neighbouring CC to help create allotments.


3. We welcome the opportunity to expand the woodland and create woodland pasture/ meadow on land to the west and south of the development area.

 4. We think it is important to include sheltered housing in the development. It is an opportunity for older residents to downsize and stay in the village. This in turn makes family sized homes more available. 

 5. Near the allotments there might be the chance for a community cafe, bike hire/repair enterprise or other social enterprise.

6. Concerns. 

a. Drainage and flooding needs to be shown to have been successfully addressed to maintain the confidence of existing residents.

b. Density of housing. We understand that a certain number of housing units need to be built to meet the requirements of the Council and sufficient profit to the landowner but wish this to be considered sympathetically in relation to the existing housing so it maintains the character of Balloch.

c. The path network needs to ensure it does not create antisocial problems by being routed through, or too close to, existing properties.

We see this as an opportunity for the Highland Council, landowner and the Community to create a place which is complimentary to the existing properties, promotes biodiversity and is an example of environmental gain which can be used to showcase best practice.  This should become something of which we are all proud.

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